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Adferiad and Diverse Cymru merge to strengthen support

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Adferiad and Diverse Cymru announced on April 1 that they would merge, aiming to create a united platform to empower individuals across Wales and enhance their service delivery.

The joining of the groups will not impact current services, partnerships, or supported organisations but will reduce costs.

Both parties are committed to keeping the quality of their services, powered by a professional, dedicated workforce.

Their goal is to use their shared knowledge to improve their contribution to the communities they serve.

Clive Wolfendale, chairperson of Adferiad’s Trustee, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming Diverse Cymru into the Adferiad family.

“We have a deep appreciation for the work Diverse has done across Wales and have worked with them to better develop our own organisational cultural competence as a result.”

Suzanne Duval, former vice chairperson of trustees at Adferiad and current employee of Diverse Cymru, said: “Both organisations complement each other in terms of how they believe people and staff should be supported and hold a shared vision for the future.

“Combined, we will see great things emerge from this new partnership.”

Nick de Figueiredo, chairperson of trustees at Diverse Cymru, also voiced his excitement, saying: “Diverse Cymru and its board of trustees are delighted to become part of the Adferiad family.

“This new relationship between Diverse Cymru and Adferiad will provide a platform for both organisations to collaborate, move forward together.”

Most of the staff from both Adferiad and Diverse Cymru are expected to continue their roles in the newly formed institution, following the TUPE rules.

Changes will only be implemented after discussions with staff and their representatives.

Adferiad helps people with mental health and substance issues whilst Diverse Cymru is Wales’ only pan equalities charity.

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