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Big Welshcake Welcome for Afghan families in St. Athan

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The families arrived to St. Athan military base at the beginning of April 2024, where they have been staying temporarily.

They have since gained support from nearby townsfolk of Llantwit Major and the village of St. Athan, who have gathered donations of much-needed children’s clothes and shoes to support the new arrivals.

Barry And District News: Families were visited by the local community group and given Welsh cakes so that they feel welcome.Families were visited by the local community group and given Welsh cakes so that they feel welcome. (Image: Big Welshcake Welcome)

Richard Parry, who works in Llantwit Major and helped to organise the last Big Welshcake Welcome, said: “They arrived at the start of the month, and have been allowed to live in Britain because they risked their lives alongside British forces in Afghanistan.

People have been offering Welsh cakes when they have visitors for generations – it’s a symbol of hospitality. Welsh culture is warm and open, and it’s a friendly country.”

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The organiser of the last Big Welshcake Welcome said: “People in the town bake delicious Welsh cakes to share with neighbours and locals.”

“We’re starting this welcome for Afghan families arriving here,” said Mr Parry, adding, “Even if the Afghan families are only in St Athan for a few weeks, we hope they’ll remember Wales as a friendly place.”

Barry And District News: A giant Welsh cake running with Afghan childrenA giant Welsh cake running with Afghan children (Image: Big Welshcake Welcome)

The far-right British nationalist organisation, Patriotic Alternative, have taken an issue with this event, indicating that “they will travel to St Athan this weekend to protest against the British Government’s decision to grant the Afghans an opportunity to live in Britain,” said a spokesperson for the Big Welshcake Welcome.

As a result, the community in Llantwit Major has created “community events affirming kindness and organising a Big Welshcake Welcome” while also making a short film to drive home the message of “community friendliness”.

More information can be found on their website.

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