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Inspiring Story: Risa Page, 66, CES Correspondent

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Every January, tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts travel to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to attend the Consumer Electronics Showcase (or CES), an event heralded as “the most powerful tech event in the world.”

This year, we recruited AARP Nevada volunteer, Risa Page (66), to be Senior Planet’s representative on the ground. Before Risa, a retired high school teacher, grabbed her mic and toured some of the most exciting booths at the conference, we spoke with her about the power of volunteering.

How did you end up volunteering for AARP?

I’ve been a volunteer with AARP Nevada for three and a half years. I was looking for something to do during the pandemic, and after taking AARP’s driver safety course, I found out that they were recruiting volunteers.

What other volunteer work do you do?

In 2014 I joined a unique organization call the Traumatic Intervention Program. We come out at the request of emergency responders to sit with citizens and help provide resources. We’re not grief counselors, but there may have been a loss. I’ve been with them for 12 years and I’ve been a part of about 900 scenes.

Any advice for finding a good volunteer position?

You have to listen to your heart. What do you care about? There will always be some organization that is going to welcome volunteer help. Don’t be afraid if it’s not connected to what you did for work.

Look for what’s a good fit! Maybe don’t take on too much too fast – if an organization finds out that you’re competent, reliable and interested, they’ll want to throw 50 projects. It’s almost like you’re interviewing them by going out and trying a few things.

What does aging with attitude mean to you?

It takes an element of fearlessness, along with planning and a little bit of conservation. Don’t be afraid to try something, but also to be considerate about your abilities.


Have you been active in your community and made a difference?  Share your experience in the comments!

Pam Hughes is Senior Planet’s Community and Advocacy Manager. Based in Brooklyn, she is a contributing writer for this site.

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