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Lancet Report On Temperature-Related Deaths Contradicts Its Own Study

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Yes, it’s the annual fraudulent Lancet report on climate change! Via The Telegraph: [emphasis, links added]

New diseases are spreading, the hayfever season is starting earlier and even the hours in which it is possible to practise sports are changing.

The common denominator behind all these and other changes to human health is climate change.

A new report in the Lancet has found that warming temperatures in Europe have far-reaching impacts on health.

It tracks the links between climate change and health across the region, exploring 42 indicators.

As scorching summers hit the continent, heat-related deaths per 100,000 people have increased by 30.8 per cent from the period 2003-12 and 2013-22, according to the report.

Now 68 people per 100,000 are estimated to die of heat-related issues, up from 50.8.

“Climate change is here, in Europe, and it kills,” the 2024 Europe Report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change said.

From raging wildfires in Greece to near-record high river flows in major basins, including the Rhine and Danube, 2023 saw a record number of days with “extreme heat stress”, according to the World Health Organization. …

Full Telegraph post here.

The Lancet’s “we are all going to die” message is rather undermined by its own study last year, which found that deaths from cold in Europe exceeded those from heat by a factor of ten:


Even in Southern Europe, five times as many died from cold:

The Lancet must be getting truly desperate, even claiming that people will get less exercise because of hot weather. The opposite is the case in most countries, as it is cold weather that stops people from getting out and about.

They also mention wildfire activity, even though it has been reducing in Europe in recent decades, not increasing.

And their claims that cyclones are driving a surge in malaria fly in the face of the fact that cyclones are not becoming either more frequent or intense:

In other words, it is the sort of fraudulent report we see every year from the Lancet.

The report is not about science, it is all about politics, as they admit:

Read more at Not A Lot Of People Know That

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