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Leigh Brookfield: DJ jailed for urinating on cancer patient

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A WEDDING DJ was today jailed after filming himself urinating on a 72-year-old cancer patient and then posting the video online.

Leigh Brookfield, 40, was standing next to Peter Barton, 72, in the toilets of a tennis club in Llanelli when the older man told him of his cancer diagnosis.

But Brookfield filmed himself stood at the urinal as he secretly urinated over Mr Barton’s back and then uploaded the video to Snapchat.

A court heard Mr Barton cried when he discovered what had happened to him the following day.

Prosecutor Kelly Rivers told how the DJ went to the toilet on Boxing Day at Llanelli Tennis and Squash Club.

She said: “Peter Barton, 72-years-old, was at the urinal when Leigh Brookfield started speaking to him.

“Mr Barton was telling him he had been unwell due to a cancer diagnosis and the defendant proceeded to urinate on his back

“He filmed himself urinating and posted the footage on Snapchat and it began to go viral.

“When Mr Barton came out of the toilet Leigh Brookfield said to him, ‘Do you want another photo?’ He didn’t know what he was talking about.”

Miss Rivers said Mr Barton was “completely shocked” after being informed of the prank the following day by members of the tennis club.

“They showed him the video that was circulating on the internet. He was completely gobsmacked and there were tears in his eyes.”

In a victim personal statement Mr Barton said: “I couldn’t believe that someone could do that to another person.”

He said his son had seen the footage and he was disgusted when he heard a member of the public turn to his wife and say, “That’s the man from Facebook.”

Footage showed Brookfield feign sympathy when Mr Barton told him of his problems saying: “Sorry to hear that” – but then posted the footage of the vile stunt on Snapchat on Boxing Day.

Brookfield admitted assault by beating over the attack and appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court.

Robert Thomas, mitigating, said: “In terms of the incident there’s very little that can be said in hir favour.”

He said Brookfield who is expecting a baby next month with his partner, was “frankly appalled” and wanted to apologise to Mr Barton.

District Judge Mark Layton jailed Brookfield for 14 weeks – and ordered him to pay Mr Barton £500 compensation.

He said: “Mr Barton engaged you in polite conversation telling you he had prostate cancer. Most people would have retaliate with kind words and sympathy.”

He said Brookfield instead urinated on his back and “uploaded it to Snapchat for all to see.”

Brookfield, of Llanelli, was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £154 surcharge.

Llanelli Tennis and Squash Club said it had banned Brookfield for life and described Mr Barton as a “valued member of our club”.

They added: “He was understandably upset about this incident as he has recently had treatment for cancer.

“We are a family friendly club and are devastated that our name has been bought into this despicable act by a person who has no association with the club and through no fault of our own.

“Leigh Brookfield has been banned from the club for life for his actions.

Police began an investigation after Brookfield posted the footage online.

Officers confirmed they received a string of complaints and Brookfield was subsequently charged with common assault.

The DJ, who performs in bars and at weddings around Llanelli posted an apology on Facebook before deleting his account.

He wrote: “I’m apologising to you all regarding my actions this evening. I’m deeply sorry for those who I have offended and if I could take it all back I would.

“It’s just something me and the boys do when we are drunk and until watching the video back I didn’t realise that the nice gentleman next to me was going through health problems.”

But his apology was blasted by viewers of the video with one woman saying she no longer wanted him to DJ at her engagement party.

Another woman said: “It’s something you and your mates do when you are drunk? So this isn’t the first time you’ve p***** on someone?

“Even in this ‘apology’ you are downplaying and justifying your actions by rationalising what you did.

“Literally you p***** on a man when he was telling you he has prostrate cancer. It would still be abhorrent event if he didn’t have cancer.

“The fact you’ve done it before and your friends do it too doesn’t make it alright.”

Another said:  “If this is the norm for him which appears it is as he states about him and the boys.. then he should have given up the drink along with his kiddy friends a long time ago.

Another added: “That poor man complaining about his illness and he’s happy taking a p*** on him.”

He had been due to perform on Boxing Day night at the Stamps nightclub in Llanelli but the venue said it cancelled his booking as soon as it learned of the video.

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