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Penarth siblings donate over 200 pints of blood between them

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Pam Fenton and her brother Brian Chandler will be awarded at a ceremony in March for donating 107 and 112 pints of blood respectively.

Mrs Fenton first gave blood when she was 18 and 55 years later, she is still donating blood at the age of 73.

Her husband Paul told the Penarth Times he is immensely proud of his wife for donating blood as he received a blood transfusion that saved his life when he was a teenager.

He said: “In my teenage years I nearly died as I was seriously ill, and I had to have a blood transfusion.

“It felt amazing to receive blood it was wonderful that it saved me, and that is why I am proud of her as donated blood saved my life along with a lot of others.

“Now my daughter is following in her mother’s footsteps and donating blood when she can which is fantastic.”

Mrs Fenton is a universal donor whose blood type is O negative, a rare and in-demand blood type that can be used in an emergency or when a person’s blood type is unknown.

She added: “I am very passionate about giving blood, it’s very important to me and I am keen to continue to promote the importance of donating blood which saves lives.”

Her brother Brian is also passionate about regularly donating blood. 

Mr Chandler added: “I am very proud of being a regular blood donor and I will continue to do so.”

The Welsh Blood Service is calling the duo inspirational for their regular donations.

Welsh Blood Service Director, Alan Prosser added: “Pam and Bryan have shown a huge commitment to helping others and it is truly inspirational. Their regular donations will have helped many hundreds of patients in need in hospitals we supply, not just in Cardiff and the Vale but across the whole of Wales.

“On behalf of the Welsh Blood Service, I am thrilled to congratulate Pam and Bryan on this fantastic achievement Blood and blood products, which are needed to support patients and save lives across Wales, have a short shelf life and are in constant need by hospitals every day.

“We are continuing to reach out and to encourage local communities to follow in Pam and Bryan’s footsteps and to make a lifesaving donation over the Winter period.”

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