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Promoting women in the engineering sector in Wales

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A shining example of this focus is Grace Lewis, who, inspired by a NASA visit, supported by the University of South Wales, now holds the position of lead engineer at Aston Martin.

The aim of the day and its initiatives is to inspire more girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) professions, such as offering specific funding programs for girls, and boosting the engagement rates of secondary schools with STEM industries.

Furthermore, the government fully finances degree apprenticeships in Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing; these interweave authentic workplace learning with acquiring a higher education qualification.

Jeremy Miles MS, cabinet secretary for economy, energy and Welsh language, explained: “Wales is a great place for tech and engineering companies to establish, invest and grow, and there is a high demand for a skilled workforce.

“Historically, women have been under-represented in this sector, and as a government, we’re determined to change this.

“Learning engineering skills will put you on the path for careers which will provide a good living and exciting experiences for the rest of your working life.

“In Wales, you absolutely can succeed as engineers.”

Ms Lewis, lead engineer at Aston Martin in the Vale of Glamorgan, shared her story.

She said: “I had always been fascinated by science and maths while at school and had a particular interest in astronomy and space travel.

“A school trip to the NASA sites opened my eyes up to how many people work on making a space mission happen.

“Most of the NASA employees I met were engineers, so this is when I first started asking ‘can I be an engineer?’”

Ms Lewis highlighted her appreciation for the work-based learning aspect of her degree and the invaluable experience of implementing her technical knowledge and new technologies in a world-leading aircraft engine plant.

Since becoming a degree apprentice graduate, she worked with McLaren in Surrey in 2021, before Aston Martin showed interest in her, and she took the decision to return home to Wales.

The iconic brand is currently striving to increase female representation in its business, particularly in engineering roles.

As a dedicated STEM ambassador for the Welsh Government, Ms Lewis explained that her mission is to make STEM industries more equitable and accessible for young individuals, regardless of gender or minority group.

She aims to do this by sharing her skills and promoting STEM careers.

She said: “Volunteering as a STEM ambassador has given me a platform to share my skills with young learners while actively encouraging them to consider STEM careers.”

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